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Orphosys Education is one of the best Kolkata based Bagless Digital Institution that provides innovative, research-based and result oriented DMIT, Positive Parenting and other e-learning programs across West Bengal within 10 years of experience . We have a team of highly experienced professionals with years of experience in the respective field. Our young professionals team understands the gap in our education system. We pledge to change the face of learning with technology and alternative learning methods. We are offering a unique and affordable way to start your own profitable education business.


The full form of DMIT is the Dermatoglyphic Multiple Intelligence Test. Dermatoglyphic is a field of science that studies the pattern of skin on the finger. It shows us the genetic basis for our innate abilities and skills.

Positive Parenting

Positive parenting is a type of parenting that focuses on the parent-child relationship and the emotional needs of the child. It teaches parents to use empathy to understand their children, set boundaries and find positive ways to discipline their children. Positive parenting practices are based on finding connections and understanding the child.


An abacus is a simple and ancient mathematical tool used for counting and arithmetic calculations. It consists of a series of rods or wires, each containing movable beads. The beads are typically arranged in groups, with each group representing a different place value, such as units, tens, hundreds, and so on.

What Our Happy Clients Say About Us

It's really good for children's Education systematic development, they provide D.M.I.T (Dermatoglyphics Multiple Intelligence Test) for Discover your children's hidden talent and potential. However they also provide us hygienic development study material A application as Orphosys Education which is very unique from all the Globalize.
I am so grateful for the Positive Parenting Program! It has given me a whole new perspective on parenting. The strategies are practical, easy to implement, and have made a significant difference in my relationship with my kids. Highly recommended for all parents out there.
DMIT helped me understand my child's strengths and weaknesses. It provided practical suggestions to nurture their intelligence and enhance their learning journey. So glad we did it.
ORPHOSYS is an app loved by our entire house. It is extremely helpful as they have video classes and it really helps my kids learn better. They are extremely happy about it. My children are really fond of the lives interactive classes. I am sure it is going to be beneficial for students

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Orphosys Education is one of the best Kolkata based  e-learning companies that provides innovative, research-based and result oriented DMIT, Positive Parenting and other e-learning programs across west bengal within 10 years of experience .


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